ANA THEM RECORDS: Because No One Wants to Hear It!

ANA THEM RECORDS was founded in 2001 in Seattle by the recording artist and producer Cedric R. Ross. This independent record label draws its name from the word Anathema; which is roughly described as a person or thing detested or loathed (“that subject is anathema to him”). As countless people or things have been wrongly detested or loathed, so too have artists who choose to take their own musical path. ANA THEM RECORDS aims to put the wrongly detested or loathed people or listener together with these great artists. We think this single act will change everything!

ANA THEM RECORDS advocates for the Rock n Roll “little guy” looking to build a career and make a name for themselves their own way. One band at a time! Everyone knows that Seattle is the home to some of the most creative artists in the world. ANA THEM RECORDS wants to be a part of that tradition. Okay, enough of this diplomacy. ANA THEM RECORDS is scrappy and will continue to deliver music by any means necessary.

ANA THEM RECORDS is supported in part by a staff of interns that make sure things stay fresh.