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Produced by Kaywood, Mike and Cedric. Directed by Cedric. Lighting by Kaywood and Mike

There were several people involved in the making of this commercial. I am unable to name everyone but I’d like to thank the voice talents of Sarah Toce (who is the voice behind this feature) and Hannah Schnabel (who is the voice behind the soon to be released next feature). Both Sarah and Hannah are talented actors and also involved in other great artistic work.
ARGO performs “Water’s Red” live at the Mural Amphitheater, Seattle Center July 9, 2006.

When recorded, Argo captures the vivaciousness, loose energy of their live setup; there’s nothing calculated here. The band’s 2005 Needs EP is thick with infectious, danceable goodness, chalky, gritty solos that would make the Jicks proud, and enough warmth to melt the hardest of cynics who say the Pacific Northwest doesn’t have even more to offer” –

Live at High Life, Seattle WA (live broadcasting services provided by Bands.TV).

The Fred Roth Revue kicked off their live performances in 2005. Their Debut CD Dragon Faces was released in November of 2008 by Ana-Them Records. Originally known as The Anathema Project (2001-05), The Fred Roth Revue plays a power pop style of guitar driven melodies. Fast tempos, simple songs and foot stompin’ action lives here!

Frogland Music Video. From the CD Dragon Faces by the Fred Roth Revue (Ana-Them Records 2008).

Vocals by Ben Heege…even that cool speaking part.
Music produced by Steve Fisk

Directed and Produced by Ciara Barrett.
Co Produced by Cedric Ross
Camera by Ciara Barrett
Dragon Faces is available at or at iTunes.

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